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the sims 4 announcements are so bleak and depressing out of context 

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Vilhelm Hammershoi

1. A Woman Reading by a Window

2. Sunbeams or Sunshine. Dust Motes Dancing in the Sunbeams, 1900

3. Interior, 1899

4. White Doors, 1905

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City Smoker“Cigarette Ash Landscape” is an art installation by Yang Yongliang. I like how the buildings subtly form the ashes.

yang yongliang: cigarette ash landscape
jan 17, 2011

Yang Yongliang: cigarette ash landscape

cigarette ash landscape by yang yongliang

an installation by chinese photographer and artist yang yongliang,
black and white photographs are collaged and piled to mimic cigarette ash.

the tip of a huge cigarette sculpture hung vertically in the installation space is revealed upon closer view
to consist of cut and layered images of city skylines. below, a pile of ash,

00:00 AM